Silk, lace, organza and performance anxiety

Hullo, hullo! Gosh, doesn’t it feel like just yesterday…uh…nine months ago that I was here talking about fluorescent skirts.

I fell into a bit of a creative hole last year but sewing was always whirring away in my brain, pinkie swear. Especially since I had a project I knew I had an unmovable deadline for: a gift for my friend’s wedding.

A wearable on the day kind of gift.

Not her dress! Yikes! But a little jacket to keep her shoulders covered. I deliberated on this garment for even longer than I’ve been absent from here because I’ve never really had such an open brief with such an important outcome. The design was churning round my brain for so long that actually sewing it became even more intimidating. Have you ever had this kind of sewing performance anxiety?

I’m going to post more about the project because it’s ended up being quite a head-scratcher, in no small part because I used silk, lace and organza. But here’s a taster of how things have been looking recently:

Performance anxiety B

And then, because why not, how about sewing my bridesmaid dress for the same wedding? No pressure. The pic on the right is how you put an end to the terrible procrastination, set up a little workstation right next to your BED:

Performance anxiety A

There’s beautiful fabrics and a bucket load of neon pink ahead, hells yeah!

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2 Responses to Silk, lace, organza and performance anxiety

  1. jay says:

    Looking good so far!

  2. Cecilia says:

    I like your little workstation 🙂 For sure I will make you start to sew.

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