Flouro Clémence skirt

Flouro clemence skirt A.jpg

This summery skirt is the clothing equivalent of driving around in a convertible, roof down and music booming. It isn’t subtle but it is a whole lot of fun.

That’s all down to the combo of this incredibly bright fabric and a simple gathered skirt pattern to show if off.

The fabric is a polyester crepe which you may recognise from this post. The colour is (understandably) what drew my eye. Fluorescent apricot is the closest description I could come up with. Since buying it, I’ve seen it used in Miss Selfridge for a loose kimono jacket.

Flouro clemence skirt E.jpgThe pattern is the Clémence skirt from Tilly’s Love at First Stitch. The book walks you through drafting your own pattern so given that this is made-to-measure, I really should have done a better job with the fit around the waist. Instead there’s some gaping. I think I might have measured a large dinner in there or something but hey, this just means if I want to wear a visually arresting skirt to a ten-course banquet, I can. Any girl’s dream.

Flouro clemence B.jpg

I made several deviations from Tilly’s instructions and on most occasions that didn’t work out well. These were:

  • Inserting a lapped zipper rather than an invisible one, hence bungling the ‘sew the waistband facing along the top and zips and then flip inside out for a clean finish’ bit. See gross close-up of that below, yuck. It’s a cool method though so I hope to nail this in the future.
  • Not using Tilly’s provided in-seam pockets but drafting my own in a fit of madness. Something fell out of my shallow pockets as a consequence yesterday morning.

I did overlock rather than use french seams and I was happy with the finish.

Flouro clemence skirt C.jpg

Other minor hiccups included unpicking the waistband twice, and shrinking the waistband when pressing even though I pre-washed. After turning down the heat I didn’t have anymore issues with this.

The finishing is a bit sketchy in places but I’m pretty pleased with my summery treat of a skirt. It’s a classic shape with an acid-bright twist, which ticks all my boxes. All I need now is for the sun to keep shining, and the iced beverages to keep on coming!

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2 Responses to Flouro Clémence skirt

  1. bimbleandpimble says:

    That colour! It is amazing!!!!!

  2. Tilly Buttons says:

    Awesome colour, this is so you, Julia! I love how the Clemence skirt looks in a drapey fabric like this. x

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