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MMM ’14 days 8 – 21

1. Metal polka dot dress/ 2. Bejewelled sweater/ 3. Green and black knit top (unblogged) I have fallen a liiittle behind with my recording of MMM. But I’ve been distracted by sun, sewing and sewer meet-ups! Here’s two weeks all … Continue reading

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A sewing stranger is a friend you just haven’t met yet (until you do at the Birmingham meet-up)

Tell people you’re spending your Saturday with more than 30 strangers off the internet for fun and frolics and you get a few raised eyebrows. Which aren’t necessarily lowered when you tell them it’s all about sewing. Regardless, this weekend I … Continue reading

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Walthamstow meet-up: conversations without computers

So Stevie of Bee Bee’s Vintage Dress arranged a meet-up in Walthamstow this weekend. Sewing enthusiasts, swapping from our stashes and maybe a bit of (hah) light shopping? There with bells on. But your first important question is, what do … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes at the knit factory

Prepare to geek out. Following my last post on my favourite clearance fabric store, I arranged a trip there with Kathryn of Yes I Like That so she could gaze on its wonders too. The expedition was going swimmingly, with bargains … Continue reading

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A gaggle of bloggers – the Brighton de-stash meet-up

Phew! Saturday was intense. Lots of new people, some bloggers, some not. Lots of fabric and patterns. Lots of booty. And a smidgeon of snow. I didn’t take any cool pictures of everyone but Claire has a great photo of … Continue reading

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