Kaleidoscope Coco

Kaleidoscope Coco collage B.jpg

You might have seen a glimpse of this in my last MMM ’14 post; my second me-made sew for this month, and it’s the adorable Coco pattern from Tilly and the Buttons!

I bought the Coco pattern back in March but wasn’t sure what knit fabric I wanted to use for it. When I came across this kaleidoscopic bad boy in Simply Fabrics in Brixton (where else) I knew it needed the clean uncluttered lines of the dress version to show off its bold print.

Have I ever mentioned to you I like a bold print?

Kaleidoscope Coco collage C.jpg

Sewing up the dress was very straight-forward. I cut a straight size 3, chopped the 3/4 length arms to my elbows after a fitting and then sewed on the cuffs. I probably could have sewn the arms a little narrower but I quite like the volume above the cuff, makes it a bit fancy.

You may also notice that the pattern on the back and front is not symmetrical. When I looked at the pattern repeat it felt too sixties to have one motif running down the centre but I was a little nervous about not having it match until I sewed it up, especially after the strict pattern matching talk on GBSB this year! Once I had it on though, I was happy with how it looked.

Kaleidoscope Coco collage D.jpg

I did plough my own furrow in several other areas:

  • I finished the neckline with a straight-stitch since the stay-stitching had held up well. The boat neck means this edge comes under little strain but I did do some test yanking to make sure the stitches wouldn’t pop.
  • Rather than sew the shoulder tape on the back bodice, I sewed the tape in as I connected the back and front bodice. I think Tilly’s approach is designed to reduce bulk at the shoulder seam, so I may try this method another day.
  • I didn’t finish the hem. It felt pretty short on me already, especially when worn sans tights. This fabric doesn’t fray so I can get away with it.

If I was to sew it again, I might try a size 2 as the shoulders are a little too large, leading to some gaping around the neckline where the boat-neck doesn’t sit quite right.

The pattern gets a definite thumbs up. It was a breeze to sew especially with Tilly’s excellent instructions and the pattern pieces all matching up (no sleeve easing issues!) It’s also easy to wear, both simple and elegant. Have you gone loco for Coco yet?

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8 Responses to Kaleidoscope Coco

  1. helen says:

    Like it!
    I didn’t think I needed the Coco pattern but I’ve seen quite a few now and I really want just a classic Breton stripe top and I think this is the pattern to do it with. It’s on my list, hopefully I’ll get to it before the end of the year…..

  2. Tilly Buttons says:

    Gorgeous, Julia! I must admit, I did think of you when creating the pattern, so I’m glad you like it x

  3. I love this, the print is wonderful and looks fab as a Coco.

  4. Super lovely! Looks great in pictures and real life 😉 I think placing the centre of the print repeat ‘off centre’ was a great choice! Makes the print seem more random and somehow less over powering than if you had a big motif on your middle. Great job!

  5. Snazzy print I love this. I must get down to Simply Fabrics in Brixton even if it’s sarf of the river.

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