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Silk, lace, organza and performance anxiety

Hullo, hullo! Gosh, doesn’t it feel like just yesterday…uh…nine months ago that I was here talking about fluorescent skirts. I fell into a bit of a creative hole last year but sewing was always whirring away in my brain, pinkie … Continue reading

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Metal polka dot dress

Above is my first item made as part of my MMM ’14 commitment and it’s also the culmination of a long succession project. Off and on over the course of six months I’ve been tracing a Topshop midi-length woven dress to … Continue reading

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A leopard changes its spots: to hot pink tiger stripes

I was gently reminded by my mother recently that in my teens I cocked a snoot at animal prints, while she was a big fan. Haters gonna hate. As in all things, mother knows best so I’ve changed my thinking and embraced them. Hard. Like … Continue reading

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French Mustard top revealed! Or WTFBA?

I don’t really know how I feel about this one. Hopefully it’s because it’s because I’ve been staring at it forever and with some time (and maybe if it brings me flowers) I’ll let it back into my heart. But … Continue reading

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How to clone your wardrobe Jurassic Park style

You know when you those scientists in Jurassic Park cloned dinosaurs but they didn’t have all the DNA they needed? So they decided to wing it and fill in the gaps with some bits of frog DNA? And Jeff Goldblum … Continue reading

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Welcome to the secret life…

…of seams! This blog is my attempt to turn the outfit in the shop window into a confection in my brain and finally into a shirt on my back. The problem? Now the web has so many fabulous sewing resources, … Continue reading

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