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A leopard changes its spots: to hot pink tiger stripes

I was gently reminded by my mother recently that in my teens I cocked a snoot at animal prints, while she was a big fan. Haters gonna hate. As in all things, mother knows best so I’ve changed my thinking and embraced them. Hard. Like … Continue reading

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How to rescue unravelling seams?

Ah heartbreak. The last couple of times I’ve worn my blue brocade skirt, I’ve noticed the middle of the back and side seams have started to unravel. Initially I suspected the skirt was too tight and I was placing strain … Continue reading

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The blue brocade skirt and cold-iron-striking

Though I fell in love with the idea of this project pretty hard, which is understandable, given the delicious blue brocade, the end result is leaving me feeling a bit… meh. I think that’s down to its lengthy gestation. There’s … Continue reading

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On my desk: Blue brocade skirt

This week I’m working on a skirt from Simplicity 2343 using this lush blue brocade. I was torn about which side to use because the bronze reverse is almost as fantastic. It’s second time around with this pattern because I didn’t … Continue reading

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Neon pink lace Kelly skirt

What’s this? My new best friend is what this is. My hands are curled into fists in case anyone tries to steal it off me. The neon makes me CRAZY. As mentioned in my previous post, I finally bit the … Continue reading

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On my desk: Neon lace + the Kelly skirt

Neon lace first appeared on the blog back in April (terrifying) and I’ve finally got the scissors out. Prevarication can really take hold with those pieces of fabric that you hold close to you heart huh? My brain says NEON. LACE. NEONLACENEONLACE and my … Continue reading

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MMM ’12 day 22 and 23 – Return of the ghost flesh

Wow, we’ve skipped Spring and gone straight to Summer. And a tabloid-style SCORCHER! at that. Hence the return of the ghost flesh (my legs) which spends the majority of the year in cloistered confinement (my tights). Most of the UK is … Continue reading

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