MMM ’14 days round-up!

MMM '14 week 4 collage A.jpg

1. Kaleidoscope Coco/ 2. Polka dot Tova/ 3. Metal polka dot dress

Huzzah, pictorial evidence of the final stretch of MMM ’14!

I did face failure at the last hurdle. As my commitment stated, I wanted to wear 3 me-made items each week, which I did, but also sew one new item as well. I didn’t manage my third new item for this month, darn it.

However I still sewed up two new things this month, my metal polka dot dress and the Kaleidoscope Coco, both of which you can see I love already ’cause they’re in heavy rotation.

Let’s analyse the teeny tiny ladies and find out what MMM’s dealio has been this year:

MMM '14 collage week 1 - 4.jpg

Well my colour palette is pretty easy to hone in on from these pics, no shocks there.

What did come as a slightly sad revelation was how many things I didn’t reach for during this month, or more importantly, didn’t even consider. Items like my neon pink lace Kelly skirt or my French Mustard top are rarely worn. My animal print Hemlock and Earl Grey sweater also didn’t pop to the front of my brain.

Some of these are older pieces so aren’t necessarily my taste right now but I think I sometimes forget what my usual style is. Regardless of whether I’m at work or at home, I want to feel colourful, stylish and feminine. That final part means showing off my shape in some way, so by wearing a skirt or something fitted. It means I always feel a little put together and at least 6 days out of 7, that’s what I’m aiming for.

(Of course some days I just stay in my pyjamas and eat cereal out of the box when my plans for world domination and lasering my face on the moon take it out of me.)

The wardrobe architect series by Colette would undoubtedly be a useful re-focusing exercise so I might make use of this.

Many thanks to Zoe, who as ever is the brains behind the MMM spectacular. Even though I scaled my commitment back this year, I still really enjoyed the pride of wearing my handmade things and the opportunity to reassess what I’m sewing vs what I’m wearing is always valuable.

Roll on MMM ’15!

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