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Home sewing and high fashion

Fashion Week breezed through my home town of London last week* and I followed the coverage pretty closely. Looking at the images of the runway shows it all feels like a far-off fantasy world, sometimes beautiful but always unreachable. Whether … Continue reading

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FBAs and how good is your good enough?

Ladies, and even gents, let’s talk boob denial. Yes, denying the boob. I’ve been wrestling with it since I started sewing and we’ve probably all suffered from it or its kin. It’s the gap between perception and reality. You want … Continue reading

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Houndstooth Renfrew top

It’s time for a confession: I am totally obsessed with knit fabrics. I think it’s because they appeal to my sloppy tendencies. You don’t need to finish the inside seams because they’re not going to fray on you. Facings aren’t … Continue reading

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A gaggle of bloggers – the Brighton de-stash meet-up

Phew! Saturday was intense. Lots of new people, some bloggers, some not. Lots of fabric and patterns. Lots of booty. And a smidgeon of snow. I didn’t take any cool pictures of everyone but Claire has a great photo of … Continue reading

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Sewaholic’s Renfrew pattern

This tantalising envelope was waiting for me when I got home last night. Is there any sight sweeter to a sewer than an exciting new pattern on the doormat? I started opening my Renfrew before I even got my coat … Continue reading

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