MMM ’14 days 8 – 21

MMM '14 week 2 collage A.jpg

1. Metal polka dot dress/ 2. Bejewelled sweater/ 3. Green and black knit top (unblogged)

I have fallen a liiittle behind with my recording of MMM. But I’ve been distracted by sun, sewing and sewer meet-ups! Here’s two weeks all at once.

MMM '14 week 3 collage A.jpg

1. Blooming kimono top/ 2. Kaleidoscope Coco/ 3. Blooming kimono top

The Kaleidoscope Coco is my second me-made item this month and I’ll be posting all about it shortly. It’s already a favourite, appearing on Day 19 and 17, which was the NYLon 2014 meet-up organised by the lovely Rachel of House of Pinheiro. Many thanks to Rachel again for all her work!

Here’s a quick snap of some of the 71 people who gathered at the V&A on a beautifully sunny Saturday, getting into formation for our mass photo:

NYLon 2014 A.jpg

I think everyone around us was rather taken aback at the sight of so many women (and I think I spotted a solitary man) wearing fabulous dresses, blouses, skirts, bags etc. The meet-up was a blast as expected and I will take a snap of some of the completely (un)essential purchases I made on Goldhawk Road.

Laminated lace anyone?

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3 Responses to MMM ’14 days 8 – 21

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  2. CarmencitaB says:

    I loved your laminated lace! Essential!

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