MMM ’14 days 1 – 7 and ‘Love at First Stitch’

MMM '14 day 1-7 collage A.jpg

1. Flocked wallpaper skirt/2. Blue brocade skirt/3. Blue and white striped knit top

So far I’ve had it pretty easy. My commitment to wear 3 me-made items a week takes some of the pressure off and even more helpful, we had a long weekend in there too so I didn’t need to be as smart.

But actually this week I also managed a fourth me-made day, day 7, though you can’t really see my outfit. You’ll understand why I included it though…

MMM '14 day 7 A.jpg

Yayyy, it’s Tilly, me and her exciting new book which is out this week, ‘Love at first stitch’! All captured at her lovely book launch yesterday evening which Marie has some great pictures of on her blog.

You will probably have seen the patterns featured in the book and I’m particularly excited by the Mimi blouse, which has a cute gathered yoke on the front and back.

The book itself I’ve only just started reading but it already feels like a very well considered introduction to sewing. Only presenting the techniques that are absolutely essential to carry out the next task feels like a really smart move as it eases the newbie into it.

One thing that caught my eye on the first few pages was reading what the spool and bobbin actually are. Seems obvious but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that in a sewing intro book! Concise and clear instructional writing is not only an art, it’s something you graft at, and I think Tilly has really nailed it.

As a sidebar to all that excitement, let’s talk about meeting other sewers. I can be pretty shy in a social setting so rocking up to an event like this can make me a little nervous. But just in case I’d forgotten, I was reminded sewers are some of the nicest, friendliest people around and was shortly chatting away to lots of cool ladies. If you ever get a chance to take part in a meet-up, definitely do it. Case in point, Rachel’s NYLon meet-up (with international attendees!) taking place Saturday 17th May. Love to see you there!

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One Response to MMM ’14 days 1 – 7 and ‘Love at First Stitch’

  1. Katie says:

    It was lovely to bump into you – I’m naturally quite shy too, but nattering about sewing and fabric seems to come easily! Hope to see you again at the meetup on the 17th.

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