Me Made May ’14: three is the magic number

This year is the third year I’ll be doing Me Made May, Zoe’s fantastic event where you wear the heck out of all your lovingly fashioned clothes. This year I wanted to do something slightly different, so here’s my pinky swear:

‘I, Julia of the secret life of seams, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear one self-made item 3 days a week for the duration of May 2014 and sew 3 items the same month.’

I’ve scaled back from my previous goals to wear handmade everyday. But in 2012 I managed all but 3 days and in 2013 I skipped just one day. So I can certainly do MMM everyday but this year I had two things playing on my mind. After getting a promotion at work (yayyy!) I feel really swamped so recording daily outfits would probably make me late every morning. And that promotion means I feel I need to be a little smarter at work, which rules out more of the clothes I’d usually wear.

So rather than abandoning MMM entirely, ’cause I enjoy it, I’m going for three days a week, with the additional challenge of sewing three new items that hopefully will fit into my work wardrobe better.

Here’s what I’m playing with:

MMM '14 Dresses.jpg

Four dresses…

MMM '14 jumpers and skirts.jpg

…two jumpers and two skirts…

MMM '14 knit tops.jpg

…five knit tops…

MMM '14 woven tops.jpg

…and four woven tops.

Missing is my pink tiger stripe skirt and several other items I just don’t wear anymore.

A count of 18 items is pretty respectable and it gives me some latitude depending on how the weather turns out this month. I’m feeling excited! What about you, are you getting involved this year? Do you find it hard to be objective about the wearability of your me-made clothes?

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8 Responses to Me Made May ’14: three is the magic number

  1. helen says:

    That looks really organised and I’m sure you could do more than 3 days a week. I’m aiming for everyday but luckily I don’t have to be smart for work! Also I think there will be a lot of repeated outfits for me. But it’s showing me the gaps in my me-made wardrobe which I need to fill.

  2. 916susanc says:

    You should get a lot of wear out of these clothes in May. Very impressive number of you-made items! What pattern are the woven t-shirts out of?

    • The two tops on the right of the woven tops pic are Grainline’s Scout tee. The blue flower top is Pattern Runway’s Kimono tee and the polka dot top is a Wiksten Tova. They’re all great patterns, I’d definitely recommend if you haven’t tried them.

  3. You’ve an impressive array of knit tops. I’m taking part too and I must admit my jersey makes have filled a big gap in handmade wardrobe.

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