Blue tiger knit top and gifts

Blue tiger top collage C.jpg

It’s pretty appropriate to post this on Mother’s Day since my model is my Mum. Hi Mum! Making a Christmas knit top for her is the piece of clothing I’ve tried to perfect the most. Christmas 2011 and 2012 saw mixed results so after a few anvil-sized hints from my customer, for Christmas 2013 I did a fitting session to get a better end result.

Using my original pattern, which was traced from one of her existing tops, I cut out the bodice pieces around the neck and armscye as I had before but then tapered out in a straight line until the waist was wider by 2 inches so I could tinker with the fit.

I then followed the standard knit top construction model: sewed shoulder to shoulder on the bodice, including stabilising stay tape and inserted the sleeves in flat. This left a vaguely cross-shaped piece of fabric, which I then pinned to her. Or around her, our relationship hadn’t broken down so far in this process that I was deliberately jabbing at her with pins.

Predictably the fit ended up being a lot better and I had a much happier recipient!


I’ve inherited many things from my Mum, and pretty obvious from these pics is that we both love bold colours and fantastic prints. So when I spied this snazzy design in Simply Fabrics I knew she’d love it. Key to the pattern placement was where the off-white section fell. I placed this across the bust so the emphasis fell there and then continued the placement across the sleeves.

You’ll see this section tapers away across the back but I don’t mind the asymmetry there whereas across the chest it would run the risk of looking unbalanced.

So, that’s the top! But more important is the person I made it for.

This blog, and what it represents, the way I look at colour, at shape, at light, my urge to make something, all of that comes from her and it’s a big part of who I am. Something that gives me a lot of joy and a part that is all the more important for being something she gave me.

Happy Mother’s Day Mum xxx

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One Response to Blue tiger knit top and gifts

  1. bimbleandpimble says:

    Ohhh this is super cute! No wonder your Mum loves it! 😀

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