The joy of scraps


The reason for this charming collage? I’ve lost the cable that lets my camera talk to my computer, so no new photos. Instead I thought I’d get all reflective and talk about scraps.

The remnants bin is my favourite place to shop from. Picking fabric from everyone else’s scraps is so low-stakes that it opens up your mind to other options. Never sewn with that kind of fabric before? It can be an experiment.

Don’t think that colour suits you? Just use it on the sleeves. Only half a metre? Mix it with another fabric in your garment.

As well as stretching your creative chops, there’s also the pride in turning something unlikely into a piece of clothing that excites you.

The clothes in the picture all used remnants and the bejewelled sweater is the most recent example. Part of the fun is looking at it and thinking back to its origins.

What’s your favourite way to get your creative juices flowing?

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2 Responses to The joy of scraps

  1. Pella says:

    I do like scraps. There’s the challenge of making something with what you have to hand, and the satisfaction of something for nothing at the end.

  2. elaineoc says:

    I LOVE that sweater. I’m always wary in case I can’t get something good out of the scraps but this is inspiring 🙂

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