Bejewelled sweater

Bejewelled sweater A.jpgMan I love this sweater.

I could probably leave it there but I’ll expand a little.

Bejewelled sweater B.jpg

The pattern is the XS Raglan Sweatshirt from the Built by Wendy ‘Sew U: Home Stretch‘ book. If you want to start using knits, buy this book. It will hold your hand through getting started, covers using a sewing machines or an overlocker, and gives you a bunch of patterns with suggestions for modifications as well.

I actually used this pattern back in the day when I sewed this Galaxies dress. The neckline was always pretty hideous and the fabric was unforgiving so I have hardly worn it.

But I love the sporty look of raglan sleeves, and they and embellished sweaters are big this year.

So I wanted my own snazzy sweater. And rather than go with real bling, I faked it with this jewel print spandex. Let’s get some close-ups:


I didn’t use ribbing for the cuffs, neckband or waistband since the charcoal colour of the sweatshirt is hard to match and I didn’t want any more colours in the mix. Instead I used the main fabric for the waistband, which has just enough stretch to fit over me.

The layering on the sleeves felt like a bit of a gamble since it’s a lot stretchier than the sweatshirt material but the layers don’t separate out. You’ll see the neckline gapes at the back as well but meh, makes it easier to scratch my back. I’m too happy with the project to be worried about it.

Bejewelled sweater D.jpg

And what of the layout disaster from earlier this week? Well, the apex of the raglan sleeve doesn’t match so there’s a teeny triangle on my shoulder where the spandex is missing but it’s not noticeable. And the fact the sleeve print isn’t mirrored? It bothered me while I was sewing it up but once I tried it on, I was so pleased with my sweater, I stopped caring.

Or maybe that was the eggnog? No matter, it’s THE SEASON! Hope you’re enjoying yourselves, whether you’re feeling festive or not.

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6 Responses to Bejewelled sweater

  1. Marie says:

    Love this so much, the print gives the sweater a little extra something, without being too much!

  2. Amy says:

    That looks badass. I love it!! Congratulations on a gorgeous jumper

  3. tillybuttons says:

    Omigawd I looove this! It’s so very you, Julia. x

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