Loose lips sink sleeves

After you’ve been sewing a while you start to carry out some steps without pausing.

And then sometimes after you’ve been sewing for a while you start to carry out some steps without concentrating. Like talking to other people while you’re cutting out sleeves.

Let’s take a look at what that can lead to if you’re cutting out some double-layered raglan sleeves….

bejewelled sweater sleeve error.jpg

What you can see above is the hitch I ran into with my bejewelled sleeves sweater. I wanted to use this jewel print spandex/lyrca layered on top of the sweatshirt fabric raglan sleeves. Whilst there was plenty of fabric to cut on the fold for the sweatshirt layer, when it came to the jewel spandex, I had to put my thinking cap on. I had scraps of fabric and a pattern repeat I wanted to get exactly right on each piece.

After cutting one sleeve, inspiration struck (it didn’t) and I laid the first piece directly onto the fabric to match up the pattern exactly and cut around it. All the time engaging in some serious girl-talk with my friends.

What I ended up with was two pieces for the same sleeve, as you’d expect but which totally escaped me until I laid the pieces out. The raglan pattern is not symmetrical, which you can see from where the apex is in the photo.

Most annoying was that the pattern wasn’t a mirror on each sleeve as intended. So the gems that would be on the front of one sleeve would be on the back of the other. I didn’t have enough fabric left to cut another one. Uggghhh. I was going to have to make it work.

What’s your most frustrating slip-up? Cutting through another piece of fabric accidentally? Interfacing on the front side?

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