Delegation and the bobbly sweater

Bobbly sweater A.jpg

While we weren’t looking, December has somehow turned up. Some part of me must have seen it coming though as a few months ago I picked up this bobbly knit fabric from my favourite shop, Simply Fabrics in Brixton.

The fabric isn’t something I had used before. Rather than a standard knit, it feels more like a handknit and is consequently less stretchy but more holey. I’ve read about this type of material before – does anyone know the official term for this? Is it sweater knit? Or holey-bobbly-knittyness?

Bobbly sweater E

As you can see, it’s dark grey with bobbles of white and pale peach popping out of the weave, which is giving off a bit of an 80s vibe. The pattern is one I traced off a favourite sweater, although really, it’s a jumper (in British terminology).


It’s pretty cosy but a little itchy on bare skin. It was also surprisingly hard to sew this material due to the combination of holes and the fact that once stitched, it no longer seemed to stretch despite the use of a zig-zag stitch. The stitches disappear into the fabric, which is useful if you want to conceal an error but not if you want to unpick one.

It was a pretty straight-forward project for me but sometimes (or maybe kind of always), I like to choose an interesting fabric that does the heavy lifting. You could call that lazy, I’m going to view this as sewing delegation. And as a good manager should, I’m recognising the contribution of my minion.

Speaking of fabric minions, I’m really excited to show you my bejewelled sweater next which features a precious stones print!

Who are your favourite fabrics whose reflected glory you like to bask in?

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2 Responses to Delegation and the bobbly sweater

  1. helen says:

    Wow, you sewed this, I thought I was going to read about a hand knit. Not sure what the official term for this fabric is but it looks great.

  2. Tilly says:

    No idea what the fabric is called, but it’s awesome. And so very you!

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