Animal print Hemlock


So, what’s new?

My Summer hiatus ended up rolling into the Autumn for various reasons, one being a second house move.

When I was scouting out places to live, I kept returning to a sticking point with my future-flatmate: natural light. (“This penthouse suite with luxurious fittings and fabulous square footage is all well and good, but is it south-facing? Which wall will I take my outfit photos against I ask you!”)

So while I haven’t been physically here, the blog has never been far from my thoughts/significant life decisions.

And I think I’ve scored on the light as well, fingers crossed.

I’d like to tell you that I also have a huuuge backload of challenging and compelling items to show you. But I’d be lying to you, and there can be no lies between us.

I do have a few cute things to show you though, including this Hemlock tee:


I used a mid-weight knit with, quelle surprise, an animal print purchased with Kathryn some moons ago. Not sure what kind of animal exactly, some kind of yellow one…maybe an anti-leopard? This design might work better with a slightly thinner knit though because the bulk around the shoulder seams makes them protrude a little around the upper arms. The drape would probably be nicer too but meh, this is quite cute so I’m not heart-broken.

Fortunately Jen’s one size pattern PDF (and free, did I mention free) was my size so the only change I made to was adding a curved hem. I left this to last so I could eyeball what suited my skinny jeans and pin it into shape.

I’m very thankful to people like Jen who are so generous with their knowledge and skills, so thanks for the pattern Jen!

Still to come: a wool jumper, and a raglan sweater with bejewelled sleeves.

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5 Responses to Animal print Hemlock

  1. Gjeometry says:

    ANIMAL PRINT!! Love it, I have this pattern downloaded, but have yet to sew it. I think I will have to grade it down smaller as I’m quite small, so something too large will just look like a painting smock on me. But, I do love the swingy fit of this.

  2. MadebyMeg says:

    Wow you make the hemlock look so glamorous!

  3. Loving the curved hem! Lovely to have you back!

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