New dress designs from Pattern Runway

Yesterday I was excited to see an email from Pattern Runway, an independent Australian designer, about three new dress designs that are now available. I’m keen to see what they’re releasing because they designed one of my favourite dresses, the Easy kimono dress, which I made back in 2011.

The new patterns are: the Stella dress and top, with three tiered sleeves, the Coffee date dress and the Drop waisted shirt dress.

Patterns are downloadable PDFs available via Etsy or The Drop waisted shirt dress, which I love in the spots, is currently available for £7.67.

The Stella dress looks like the most interesting because of the sleeve details, with a curved hem for the dress, and a peplum for the top alternative. But the shirt dress in chambray would be adorable too.

Have you seen the patterns yet? Feeling tempted?

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2 Responses to New dress designs from Pattern Runway

  1. dottiedoodle says:

    Pretty! I love the sleeves on the Stella dress.

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