MMM ’13 day 31

MMM '13 day 31 B

Thirty-one: Olympic Scout tee.

So here it is, the final reckoning, day 31. And for once I had a photographer and an outdoor location. Better late than never right?

Photography is the most taxing part of MMM, and outside of the sewing, it’s one of the main reasons I like to participate. It forces me to concentrate on this side of my blog, and while I know I’m never going to be exactly where I want with my photos, I feel like I’m making small improvements.

So how did I do overall? Let’s look at lots of mini headless ladies:

MMM '13 overall collage A

[How about that badass collaging eh? Pixlr has served me well these long weeks.]

My overall feeling is at no point did I feel bummed out about what I was wearing. In fact, I felt pretty natty all month. But what about some HARD science? How does this year compare with last year? Let’s break down the numbers:


Hmmm, my high-level maths skills are alerting me to some basic problem with those MMM ’12 numbers. Details, smetails though, what’s important is those numbers are mostly going in the right direction. I have enough items that I can do work, weekends and heavy lifting without wearing the same thing every day and feeling happy in my outfits.

More importantly, the whole challenge gave me something positive and achievable I could participate in during what was actually a hard month. Wearing me-made items has connected me to something that I love, making things, and connected me to a whole world I love as well, the online sewing community.

If I ever let you see my head, you’d see my eyes are shining bright with teary gratitude. Awww, YOU GUYS!

Uncomfortable emotional honesty aside, thanks to Zoe for another amazing MMM! And mucho respect to all those who kicked it up a notch this year too. Take a well-deserved break from your photo walls people, you earned it.

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