MMM ’13 day 22 – 30: hitting the wall

MMM '13 day 22 B.jpg

Twenty-two: Polka dot Tova and a close-up of my fancy fancy new necklace.

Yikes this is getting hard. Anyone else hitting the wall inspiration-wise?

Last year I wore almost, if not everything, that I had sewn up to that point, apart from a particularly clingy knit dress. This year I’ve been far pickier which means I’ve been wearing my favourites almost exclusively.

MMM '13 day 23 and 24 B.jpg

Twenty-three: Flocked wallpaper skirt and a blouse the colour of a pink highlighter pen, yessss. Twenty-four: new knit top, not blogged yet! Fit issues a-plenty.

Sadly this green top is the only new thing I’ve made all month. MMM ’13 is definitely inspiring me but it’s not translated to actual output.

MMM '13 day 25 and 27 B.jpg

Twenty-five: Blue and white striped knit top and some high-waisted polka dot jeans. Twenty six: A bit of a blank. Pinky swear I wore something me-made. Twenty seven: Polka dot Tova, again.

MMM '13 day 28, 19 and 30 B.jpg

Twenty-eight: Blue brocade skirt. Twenty-nine: Polka dot Tova, uh, three times in a week? Feels a little excessive. And maybe a touch gross. Magenta shorts though! Thirty: Flocked wallpaper skirt.

Phew! Only one day left. MMM is definitely a marathon, not a sprint but when I review May it might turn out to be more of a dash-to-bus. How you all holding up if you’re taking part? And if you’re not are, you inspired to take up the baton?

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