MMM ’13 day 8 – 15

MMM '13 day 8 B.jpg

Eight: Brocade skirt.

We’re now into the second week of MMM ’13 and I’m no longer being wardrobe-challenged by glorious sunny weather, what a relief 😦 It’s back to the model we’ve had for the last nine months: bleugh.

MMM '13 day 9 and 10 B.jpg

Nine: Tiger came to tea dress. Ten: Black, white and blue sweater.

Day eleven was a friend’s wedding so I spent the day in my favourite vintage dress and no MMM items. It’s my first dropped day but hopefully my last.

MMM '13 day 12 and 13 B.jpg

Twelve: Brown and black striped top. Thirteen: Flocked wallpaper skirt.

Day twelve’s knit top has never been blogged but I used the Sew U Home Stretch book for my pattern, which I would always recommend for anyone getting into sewing knits.

MMM '13 day 14 and 15 B.jpg

Fourteen: Blooming kimono top. Fifteen: Polka dot Tova.

Looking at these pictures I’ve realised my outfits are mostly black, blue and brown. So I need to try and inject a wider range of colours into my choices.

There are also several things I just haven’t worn yet, which just reiterates that MMM is a great way to review how integrated your self-made items are to your wardrobe.

Do you find yourself vetoing some me-made clothes before you even reach for them?

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3 Responses to MMM ’13 day 8 – 15

  1. Joe Hall says:

    Yes! I, Erika who does not have a blog, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavour to wear two me-made items every day each day for the duration of May 2013. One of them may be either a refashion or invisible (ie undies), the other should be visible and made from scratch.

  2. senjiva says:

    I absolutely love love love the blooming Kimono top fabric you used!!! It puts me in the mind of a lovely 1940s holiday outfit.

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