MMM ’13 day 1 – 7

MMM '13 day 1 and 2 B.jpg

One: Flocked wallpaper skirt. Two: Polka dot Tova.

This has been trickier than I thought it would be.

MMM '13 day 3 and 4 B.jpg

Three: Blooming kimono top. Four: Blue and white stripe knit top.

So far: no repeats and I haven’t left the house feeling unhappy with my outfit. But a combination of unexpectedly warm weather and having to go into the office over the bank holiday weekend (ugh) meant I had to be both summery and smart more than I’d expect for early May.

MMM '13 day 5 and 6 B.jpg

Five: Olympic Scout tee. Six: Pop ya collar top.

Several of my MMM items: the houndstooth Renfrew, the tiger comes to tea dress, the neon pink lace Kelly skirt were too cosy or informal for this first week.

MMM '13 day 7 B.jpg

Seven: Riot lace Scout tee, which isn’t normally as rumpled as this.

Fortunately, hah, the weather is due to take a turn into more traditional mid-teens, so I should be able to bust out some other items. Plus I’m working on tracing a pattern from an existing knit top. So far I’ve never found my perfect fit and I’m hoping to crack this.

How have you been finding it? Is the weather co-operating with your plans or throwing you some curveballs?

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7 Responses to MMM ’13 day 1 – 7

  1. Curveballs all the way! Although saying that, i find it hard to dress appropriately for work in hot weather anyway. I love your lace Scout tee.

  2. ebonyh says:

    Nice lineup! I really like your kimono & tova tops, and it’s great to see what you’ve done with the Built By Wendy pattern. I love those books!

  3. Pella says:

    Rather chic set of outfits I think, despite the erratic temperatures.

  4. I love your outfits so far 🙂 This weather sure has been making MMM interesting and varied! I’ve just nominated you for a Leibster Award as I’ve enjoyed reading lots of your posts and wanted to spread the word!

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