Taking stock for Me-Made-May ’13

‘I, Julia of the secret life of seams, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavour to wear one self-made item each day for the duration of May 2013.’

It’s my second year, so what are we working with this time around?


1. Kimono dress 2. Black and white stripe wrap dress 3. Tiger comes to tea dress


1. Black, white and blue sweater 2. Houndstooth Renfrew 3. Blue and white stripe knit top 4. Brown and black stripe knit 5. Earl grey sweater


1. Riot lace scout tee 2. French mustard blouse 3. Hot pink sorbetto 4. Pop ya collar top 5. Olympic scout tee


1. Polka dot Tova 2. Flocked wallpaper skirt 3. Neon pink lace Kelly skirt 4. Brocade skirt 5. Blooming kimono top

That makes 18 items. [And some ironing, ignore those wrinkles for now!]

Quite a few things I’ve sewn since MMM ’12 have been gifts or novelty items but it’s still double the amount I worked with last year. Despite that, this will still be a challenge. There’s a lot on my plate in May and ensuring I wear and catalogue a me-made item every day is going to be tricky. The 18 items don’t all see regular rotation either, and certainly they’re not all office appropriate, which is where I spend five days a week.

But it should be fun! For me the highlights of Zoe’s fantastic event are:

– Shining a light on the functionality of your own self-sewn wardrobe

– Joining in with the community of other sewers

– Getting a sneaky peek into how people actually incorporate their items into their day-to-day lives

So here goes. Are you taking part this year? What’s your favourite part of MMM?

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One Response to Taking stock for Me-Made-May ’13

  1. Pella says:

    Yes, I am taking part, but wow you are so organised!

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