How to rescue unravelling seams?

Ah heartbreak.

Seam damage A

The last couple of times I’ve worn my blue brocade skirt, I’ve noticed the middle of the back and side seams have started to unravel.

Initially I suspected the skirt was too tight and I was placing strain on the seams. But my flocked wallpaper skirt is exactly the same pattern and size, and is still in good shape despite being worn for much longer. Evidently the older version is more booty-proof.

So any ideas dear readers? Is brocade a particularly vulnerable fabric? Should I be stitching the seams differently?

And how can I rescue my skirt before I bust out of it, Hulk style?

Coming up: Japanese sewing magazines and more treats from Singapore…

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6 Responses to How to rescue unravelling seams?

  1. ooops… I know the pain…

  2. oh no. is it because the brocade is perhaps more loosely woven? i might try to unpick and stablise the seams with iron on interfacing or bias strips and sew it back together. sure there is a more professional way to go about that tho!

  3. Hmmm… I reckon you could unpick the seams – and use some lightweight fusible stay tape (maybe even a knit tape for flexibility)? And then, re-stitch the seams 🙂

  4. Vicki Kate says:

    Or try strips of bias organza? Zilredloh did a post on reinforcing seams with organza I refer to a lot!

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