Snowdrift stash: Black, white and blue sweater

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The snowdrift stash-busting project continues on and so does the Winter. It snowed again this week! So snug sweaters are still a necessity, hence my black, white and blue sweater, a tweak of Dixie DIY‘s free PDF pattern, the Hot Cocoa top:

B w b sweater D

After sewing up my first version of that pattern the other week, I decided to adapt the loose fit of the raglan sleeve design to make a more fitted top.

First I sewed up the original pattern, tried it on and then pinned it closer to my body to give myself a new seam line:

B, w, b sweater A.jpg

To make it up I used a remnant bin knit has been gathering dust for quite some time as I mulled over ideas.  What could be worthy of such cute polka dots? But once I got to sewing the fabric up it was unceremoniously knocked from its pedestal.

As the image of the inside of the sweater suggests, it’s actually two layers bonded together, which I think is what makes it a real pain to sew. I have some truly wonky seams in this thing. By the time I got round to sewing the neckband in, the neck had also become quite stretched out so I’ve got a bit of gathering where the bodice and sleeves meet the band. Which I can just pretend is a style decision.

B, w, b sweater C

The pink paper bag skirt is from & Other Stories, the latest shop from the H&M brand and my current obsession. Check out Kathryn’s big-up here (she’s the one who introduced me to the shop, perhaps returning the favour/revenging herself on me after the excellence of our trip to Cannon Street Jersey).

The high waist combined with this top makes my bust look rather monolithic but the effect is not so marked in the flesh. That considered, this top isn’t my favourite.

So why is this the black, white and blue sweater? Well the blue is figurative. I’ve had a chance in circumstances recently, which is why this project has been sitting around for so long. I can’t claim this sweater is a perfect project but it’s the project for right now. And that will do.

Do you find your creative energies dulled when you’re under a cloud? Or can it be a tonic for what ails you?

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5 Responses to Snowdrift stash: Black, white and blue sweater

  1. Zoe says:

    Oh hon, it can be so hard when you have such high hopes for a project/pattern/fabric and it just doesn’t live up to your imagination. I totally understand. It does look like a very cute and wearable garment though, from where I’m sitting! xxx

    • Thanks Zoe!
      I was wearing it this weekend and it was quite toasty and cute. But I think how you view the finished article is heavily informed by the creation process, which was laboured in my case, bleugh. Polka dots = win though.

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