Neon wishes

Neon wishes A.jpg

You’ve probably noticed that the decade that you thought only finished five minutes has been back for a while in the fashion consciousness. Ah yes, the 90s in all it’s crushed velvet, stonewashed denim, Doc-Marteny glory.

And I’m most enthusiastic about the return of neon to the high streets. In the photo above I’m wearing both a neon yellow necklace and a neon orange beanie. But where are the neon fabrics so I can make my own rod and cone straining confections?

I found some pretty eye-popping pink stretch lace year but otherwise…all a bit quiet.

Have you got any tips for locating neon material? Are you swearing off these colours? And how about the biggest 90s question of all, how did you go to the bathroom if you were wearing a body?

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3 Responses to Neon wishes

  1. Neon seems to turn up in the safety/ sportswear sections of fabric stores from time to time. Bodies have poppers at the crotch-just made a jumpsuit like that. Too bad summer’s over. *Never* thought I’d say that..

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