Walthamstow meet-up: conversations without computers

So Stevie of Bee Bee’s Vintage Dress arranged a meet-up in Walthamstow this weekend. Sewing enthusiasts, swapping from our stashes and maybe a bit of (hah) light shopping?

There with bells on.

But your first important question is, what do you wear on a meet-up of talented sewing enthusiasts?

Meet up wardrobe

Your newest thing of course (which I will show you soon). Because it’s kind of like a date!

With a person off the internet. Or 15 of them…let’s leave that there.

First order of business was the grand swap. Claire of Sew, Incidentally contributed her awe-inspiring organisational skills of course, with swatch sheets, charts to list your new items and measuring implements for all conceivable circumstances.

I want to hire her to run my life for me.

I managed to walk away with none of my original items and some very nice replacement fabrics. We then strolled down Walthamstow High Street, stopping at several fabric stores and visiting the man outside Sainsbury’s of course.

You don’t know about the man?

You need to go see the man.

Walthamstow meet up C

Featuring: Tilly’s swap pile; a bevy of sewers in Saeed Fabric’s; Dibs and Shivani considering their swaps; vital vittals to maintain our strength.

So what did I walk away with? Here are some fabrics…

Walthamstow meet up E

1. Some orange denim swapped from Stevie. 2. Hot pink, purple, grey checked synthetic madness from a shop along Walthamstow High St for £2m/m. 3. Some purple lining and 4. Lilac denim from the swap. Followed by 5. African wax fabric and 6. Boiled wool jersey (alleged) from the man outside Sainsbury’s in the baddassest leopard print with a mix of grey and magenta spots.

And some lovely vintage patterns as well:

Walthamstow meet up F

All from generous swappers: 1. Simplicity 8249 2. Simplicity 9082 3. Simplicity 9415.

Meeting sewing bloggers and sewing enthusiasts in real life is never a disappointment. You don’t need to chat long before you’ve drifted off dressmaking entirely and on to jobs and life and the merits of red velvet cake.

Thanks again to Stevie for arranging!

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5 Responses to Walthamstow meet-up: conversations without computers

  1. Melizza says:

    You made out with some really lovely things. Nice!

  2. Brilliant blog title and round up! Doh, I can see you had some fabulous fabrics down your end if the table. I love your choices, you have such great taste. Now, why didn’t I spie you wearing that brocade skirt? Would have loved a close up look. Really great to see you again!

  3. Great to meet you again 🙂 And, such a lovely selection of fabrics you picked up – they spookily co-ordinate together very well, almost like a stash ready for a colour themed mini-wardrobe!

  4. lovely fabrics and patterns! i love simplicity 9082 – it’s so cute!

  5. Stevie says:

    Aww theres some really great photos in there! Thanks for coming, I’ve set up a flickr group for the meetup just incase people wanted to share photos http://www.flickr.com/groups/2147771@N20/ Your fabrics look great! x

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