Any day, every day or everyday: which wardrobe are you sewing?

It’s been a hot topic for a while, sewing for your day-to-day life: Tasia posted about cake and frosting and Sunni’s been talking about how wearable she wants her sewing to be.

Since I try and sew everyday things I felt pretty on board. But then the Winter came. And I realised there’s everyday clothing and EVERY day clothing. Everyday meaning commonplace, and every day meaning each day.

So this has been my uniform lately. And I didn’t sew any of it:

Everyday wear A

[A caveat, I’m not wearing the same skull pyjamas every day, I do wash them WHEN FORCED. I’d wear them out of the house if I could. And yes, sometimes the current cold snap demands a beanie/pyjama look.]

If I truly wanted to derive the most wear out of my sewing, shouldn’t I be stitching up PJs and a coat? Or learning how to knit a hat? These are items I can wear more than one day on the spin whereas I can’t get away with wearing the same blouse under my coat for a week (recognising that rotating my skirts and so on to a high degree is a choice, not a necessity).

In my mind it’s part of the winter coat/wedding dress debate. Is it crazy to make a dress when you’ll only wear it once? Is it crazy not to make a coat you’ll need to wear for several months on the spin?

I wouldn’t say yes to either of those statements. But it is about balancing effort versus outcome. My everyday wardrobe is more about ANY day rather than every.

How about you, every vs any? Wedding dress vs winter coat?

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7 Responses to Any day, every day or everyday: which wardrobe are you sewing?

  1. shivani says:

    interesting debate. I’ve started sewing my own pj bottoms (I’m taller than average, so shop-bought are always too short), and I love them – and they are so easy (no tricky fitting to sort out, flannel is easy to sew). I’ve been toying with the idea of making a coat (sewaholic minoru), in part I’m attracted by the challenge, but also it ties in with your point: maybe it makes sense to put the most effort into something that’s worn the most. but then I love a quick win too, which is why I keep churning out the scout woven tees, and sorbettos!

    • I’ve been thinking about the Minoru too, it feels like a feeder coat! But you’re right, those quick wins can seem very seductive. Having said that, there’s nothing totally quick or easy about sewing your shell top or anything in comparison to hitting up the shops.

  2. Becky says:

    Well, I have made myself a winter coat before. It’s now on it’s sixth winter, and is just now starting to show some wear, but I think I can maybe squeeze next year out of it too. And I’m literally in the process of sewing my wedding dress. Yes, I’ll only wear it once, but I’ll never have an excuse to play with so much silk fabric again, and I’m learning so much from the process of sewing a semi-couture formal dress! So maybe I’m crazy, but I say go for both. (Along with those everyday wearables–I’m definitely dreaming of a quick-to-crank-out Renfrew after this!)

    • elaineoc says:

      Good luck with the wedding dress! I made mine, and I loved doing it. It didn’t even occur to me that I’d only wear it once – in fact, if it did, it was to be thankful in that case that I wasn’t spending thousands of pounds on it (especially as mine was a fairly simple design that I couldn’t really find anywhere anyway). And yes, it was a chance to learn new skills and work with some beautiful material.

      It’s purely personal and may make me sound like a prat, but I don’t like the whole cake/frosting debate. The main reason for this is that I guess I’m just not really a casual dresser. A good 90% of my wardrobe is dresses and skirts and I love dressing up. I don’t own jeans. I find it very hard to *buy* basics because they bore me – so I can’t imagine getting excited about sewing a tshirt! As I said, totally personal – I’ve seen some lovely tops/tshirts/etc made by different bloggers, just can’t see myself doing it.
      I have made a coat previously though, and a cape, I do get a lot of wear out of both.

      • I was wondering if that would make me sound like I’m working on a wedding dress! That was definitely a hypothetical 🙂 I didn’t mention those points in my post though. Coats and one-off dresses are not just about assessing effort vs usage. A project like that can be about all kinds of things, and learning or cost-savings are two really significant factors as well.
        I agree with your thoughts about cake and frosting, it won’t fit how everyone likes to dress. I think if you have a really strong idea about how you want to dress and you do dress that way, then issues of life-appropriateness are less likely to come up.
        Plus cape = really cool.

    • A winter coat and a wedding dress, wow! I am so impressed by sewers who take on big projects like this. I typed ‘crazy’ which was maybe needlessly stirring because I don’t think it’s crazy at all, in fact I imagine this kind of sewing can be the most rewarding. Good luck with your dress and congratulations!

  3. Coat. Every time. Well, most of the time. There’s a lot to be said for sewing ‘frosting’ vs ‘cake’ but currently I need more of the every day and everyday stuff than anything else. Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of sewing special garments that will be worn rarely. Of course, given quality of fabric and construction in so many RTW ‘party’ / wedding gowns, and the price point they are sold at, I would far rather sew something well in beautiful fabric that will last.

    In essence, I am into sewing because I love the idea that I can make stuff to fit my lumps and bumps, in styles/silhouettes that may not even be available in stores and if they are are out of my budget, or in fabrics and colours of my choosing. I should get into making bags and shoes too ….

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