The blue brocade skirt and cold-iron-striking

Blue brocade skirt b

Though I fell in love with the idea of this project pretty hard, which is understandable, given the delicious blue brocade, the end result is leaving me feeling a bit… meh.

Brocade skirt A

I think that’s down to its lengthy gestation. There’s definitely something to be said for striking when the iron is hot. Or finishing striking when it’s still hot. Or dipping the sword in the water when it’s still hot?

Anyway, metallurgy aside, the gap between the date on my ‘WIP’ post and this one says it all. Do you find your enthusiasm for the end result can be sapped by labouring over it for too long?

Is there an optimal working-til-dawn vs working-til-end-of-ad-break balance that can be struck? One week? A month?

The skirt itself (Simplicity 2343) was something I’d already sewed once, so held no nasty surprises. There are two mini-pleats on the front, and darts on the back. My pleats never go that well, grrrr, but this time I made more of an effort and used bias tape to finish all the seams.

Brocade skirt collage C

[I almost wanted to turn the thing inside out after seeing the blue and green tape, and now bias tape in seam lines is obssessing me.]

The zip I inserted by hand so it’s almost totally concealed. I really don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to zips, I just make it happen and if it looks okay, that’s enough technique for me right now. Perfectionism not a major problem for me.


  • The fabric itself.
  • Separates! (Meets my sewing agenda for flexible items.)

Love less:

  • It’s a pretty tight fit across the front, which is making me feel a littttle self-conscious. But not so much I can’t put pictures on the internet, wa-hey!

Coming up: Snowdrift knit-fest

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11 Responses to The blue brocade skirt and cold-iron-striking

  1. Miriana says:

    Love it and how you’ve styled it.

  2. elaineoc says:

    The fabric is gorgeous! I think it’s a cute skirt.

  3. Amanda says:

    Can we take a moment to say how freaking rad this fabric is?! That is sassy! I get what you mean when you have a project hanging round for so long it no longer gets you excited to work on it. I tend to pop these away for a little while and come back to them when I’m ready to bring some awesome to life. I’m loving your Hong Kong finish- it looks super rad!

  4. Looks great from here. Scrumptious fabric.

  5. i know exactly what you mean! i’ve started many projects that i’m not that stoked over when i finished because they took so long. well or, hmmm, i might *never* have finished….. congrat son such lovely details though!!

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