Studded Scout tee

Studded sout D

Wa-hey! I finished a gift for someone INSIDE a month of their actual birthday, personal record. Above is the rumoured Studded Scout tee, last seen in progress here.

The colour of this fabric is a deep forest green but now the wintery darkness has descended, I’m afraid I struggled to capture it on camera. Instead you’re getting a special glimpse of my lower face there. Perhaps by 2013 I’ll let you see my extravagant handlebar moustache, ifyerlucky.

There are french seams throughout, so I inserted the sleeves in flat. Despite redrawing the pattern piece to reduce the ease in the sleeve cap by 1/4 inch, I still had some trickiness. But the real stars are the studs!

Poorly captured below…

Studded scout E

This is my first time studding anything. While the studs were easy to push through this lightweight fabric with just my fingers, the prongs did start to pop out of the fabric and I had to slide a few back in to make sure they didn’t come off the sleeve entirely.

Rather than use the front, the pronged backs took my fancy, so I flipped the sleeves round to get this almost embroidered/quilted effect. There are around 40 gracing the sleeves altogether and I eyeballed the layout. Chalk was my friend.

There’s not much to add to my comments on previous iterations of the Scout tee, designed by Grainline Patterns (version 1 & version 2). Definite re-confirmation that the design works best in a drapey fabric. And confirmation you could spin a dozen variations out of this if you felt so moved.

Straight-forward, stylish, ripe for experimentation; why haven’t you bought this pattern yet?

Uncomfortably close now:

Christmas lights

That’s the festive season getting closer, rather than a street full of Christmas lights marching on me. Anyone on top of their holiday sewing?

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3 Responses to Studded Scout tee

  1. Amanda says:

    Ohhh- I love the look of the studs put in on the reverse. This looks fantastic 🙂

  2. Nice sleeves! I haven’t bought it because it’s only available as a print at home version and I have neither the space, nor the time nor the inclination to lay stuff out and tape/glue it XD

  3. This is what I love about making things – you saw that studs look cool from the back and created a feature from it! Really cool

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