Studded sleeves

The brocade skirt has been paused so I can work on this gift for my friend’s birthday. It was this calendar year, so already a massive improvement on previous gift enterprises.

She’s asked for a tease, so behold a sleeve in the progress of being studded:

The fabric is thin enough that I can simply push them through with my fingers and then press the prongs on the back down with my nails. It does produce a slight rippling of the fabric as you can see but I rather like the effect, especially on the back of the sleeve, where you can see the prongs start to look like embroidered stars.

Almost prefer the back…hmmm…any fans?

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5 Responses to Studded sleeves

  1. I prefer the backs too XD You might want to line the inside of the sleeve-just to prevent any scratchies..

  2. sosewlovely says:

    lovely effect on both the front and back but yes the back is more unique than the front!

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