Riot lace tee

Why am I dressed in riot gear you ask? Well I’ve never mentioned my job on the blog but…

Hah, no. These pics are from Open House weekend, an annual event in London where public and private buildings open their doors to visitors. A trip to the Royal Courts of Justice meant I could visit the cells, sit in a prison van, and slip into some riot gear, all while wearing my new creation, the riot lace tee.

As previewed in my last post, this is a cotton jade lace I bought earlier this year, sewn up using the Grainline Scout woven tee pattern. I lengthened the sleeves and used a pale nude synthetic fabric to underline the main body.

Using this lace is a massive weight off my mind. Really, this and the neon pink lace used for my Kelly skirt would have been great for Spring and Summer but since I buy faster than I sew, I am always lagging behind.

I finished all seams with an overcast stitch and set the sleeves in flat rather than in the round. The neckline is finished with a purchased bias tape. While I like the finished outcome, I think I should lay off sewing looser tops for a while, I’m starting to worry I look like I’m concealing a large lunch/secret baby the whole time, and it’s not especially flattering.


  • This lace is very feminine and the colour makes me sigh happily.
  • It’s the second time I’ve used this pattern but the two tops look pretty different.

Love less:

  • While setting in the sleeve I tried to remove some of the ease by sewing a larger seam around the sleeve head. While the ease I disliked has gone, there seems to be extra fabric at the back of the sleeve now, which you can see a bit of in the back shot.
  • It doesn’t tuck into high-waisted items as well as my previous version, perhaps because the fabrics have less drape than my first Scout tee and this version has two layers instead of one.

Now for some architecture:

City Hall interior – picture taken on Open House weekend

If you ever have the opportunity to take part in Open House weekend, I would really recommend it. It’s an amazing opportunity to gain access to some of the city’s secrets. Over the years I’ve learnt about bodysnatchers and their favourite hangouts, trailed through the opulence of the Foreign Office and taken a slow ride on a tube train through an underground shopping parade.

I’d never been inside City Hall before but I think the pictures give a flavour of what a remarkable building it is. Taking so many pictures on that spiral staircase did make me feel slightly seasick. But definitely worth it.

City Hall: interior and exterior shot

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4 Responses to Riot lace tee

  1. Tilly says:

    That is some super fine styling, lady. The riot shield mirrors the sheerness of the lace perfectly 😉 Very nice top, looks like the kind of thing you would get a lot of wear out of.

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