On my desk: Jade lace + Scout tee

After my neon lace adventure, I’m rolling straight onto more lace, but this time it’s a more genteel jade woven fabric. It’s being teamed with the Scout woven tee pattern from Grainline, a loose fitting t-shirt design, which I already had a lot of fun with last month.

There’s a pale flesh-tone colour synthetic material underlining the bodice, and the sleeves will be sans lining because…well, ’cause it’s gonna look pretty, what other reason needed?

The finishing touches are being added now, so I’ll be unveiling shortly.

Check out Grainline’s new skirt pattern as well! Her designs are uncluttered yet utterly wearable.

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One Response to On my desk: Jade lace + Scout tee

  1. Nice. I want to get the skirt pattern because I’m working with denim at the mo’ and that pattern would’ve been perfect for offcuts but she doesn’t offer plan printing (i.e. large scale/A0)pdfs. And I don’t glue A4 together. So looks like it’s not going to happen. Ah well I should be using the patterns I have anyway XD.

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