On my desk: Neon lace + the Kelly skirt

Neon lace first appeared on the blog back in April (terrifying) and I’ve finally got the scissors out.

Prevarication can really take hold with those pieces of fabric that you hold close to you heart huh? My brain says NEON. LACE. NEONLACENEONLACE and my decision-making crumbles. But then Megan Nielsen revealed her new Kelly skirt pattern and the cogs started turning again.

I am heavily adapting the design to take advantage/be undone by the fact it’s STRETCHNEONLACE, so I’m making the two piece front with buttons into just one front panel cut on the fold, and I’m planning on using elastic in the waistband, using Melissa of Fehr Trade‘s cool tutorial (available here).

Why is this the first version of the Kelly skirt I’m attempting when it’s so far off the original design?

Well the seasons are moving a lot quicker than my sewing self at the moment, and I’m not sure a neon lace skirt will look as cute with my customary autumnal black tights as with bare legs. Something about the neon working better without the stark contrast. It’s a race against the weather!

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2 Responses to On my desk: Neon lace + the Kelly skirt

  1. Amanda says:

    Ohhh…. I am most intrigued by this combo! Can’t wait to see how this goes 😀

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