The Olympic Scout tee

Wow it’s been quiet on this blog recently.

But really, the real show in town is the Olympics, and how can you argue with this bewildering amazingness:

Just in case you didn’t realise, that’s the synchronised swimming pairs. Don’t let the lack of pool in shot confuse you. Homage to Michael Jackson? Those ladies are BRINGING IT. [Joking aside, even though I know zero things about synchronised swimming, people who can swim upside down underwater to music they can’t hear in time with other people who are upside down also, are pretty amazing. But the Olympics makes fans of us all in the end, I never love sport so hard as I do these weeks!]

So to honour the athletic spirit I got myself faster, higher, stronger over to the sewing machine and made up my first new finished item for months. I used the Scout woven tee design, a loose fitting t-shirt with no darts, short sleeves and a curved hem, from Grainline Studio.

This fabric has been sitting in my stash for maybe a year. It’s a highly synthetic light-weight fabric with a shiny lacy finish over the top of the existing design. So I used the reverse as the right side, which gives much less shiny, and more muted colours.

The pattern itself is pretty straight-forward, though it’s a printable PDF, which I know isn’t to everyone’s tastes. I had a brain-freeze reading the instructions for how to attach the neck binding, so I did it my own way so it showed on the right side. Why hide the work! I even considered wearing this thing inside out to show off the french seams as some kind of design feature. Not that these seams are anything to show off, since I managed to catch frayed edges in the seams >sigh<. I’m not sure it’s common practice to give your clothes a haircut before wearing them.

Whilst I cut a U.S. size 4, you can probably see that the armholes sit off my actual shoulders, so I think I could do with grading from a smaller size at the shoulders to the bust at the very least, if not going down to 2.

Overall I like this style. Ask me five years ago to step away from skin-tight and I would have gone for your eyes but this look is growing on me. Or growing back on me again, since on reflection my early 90s was all loose denim shirts and leggings. The only reason I haven’t caved and bought a cute denim shirt yet is it will all be too timewarpy for me.


  • It’s just so easy: to sew and to wear.
  • Because this fabric is made from some kind of space-age content, it does not crease. It spent all day tucked into my skirt without a single fold.
  • No FBA-ing. Yeah I’m in denial, leave me alone.

Love less:

  • The fabric frays so aggressively I lost my snipped notches, plus I melted it on to my iron and then melted my nail trying to scrape it off. Turns out irons are hot! Who knew.
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13 Responses to The Olympic Scout tee

  1. __cui says:

    nice t-shirt. the brassy necklace is really working with the print. I can’t believe I missed the synchronised michael jackson duo……!

  2. Amanda says:

    Okay- that skirt mixed with the necklace, bag and ballet flats = awesome! This is a lovely flowy top and I totes understand the Olympics obsession. I can’t stop with the rhythmic gymnastics and now I feel a hollow spot that they are no longer on…

  3. Beautiful top! Gorgeous colors. Love the way you did the neck binding.

  4. Oh my gosh, that fabric is so amazing! I absolutely love this, and the background you’ve photographed it against. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    • Thanks Karen! Weathered fences are a blogger’s friend! The fabric was still in the same shop in Brixton I bought it from the last time I was there, along with its corresponding chiffon. Hidden (melty) gem.

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