MMM ’12 day 24 to 30…the final furlongs…

Day 24:

Wearing: Polka dot Tova; Topshop burnt orange draped skirt.

Day 25:

Wearing: Pop ya collar top; skinny blue jeans.

Cunningly I’ve been on a training course the last few days so no one knows that I wore the Pop ya collar top practically minutes before day 25. Sssshhh, no one needs to know.

Though I got a second wind this week the fact I’m wearing this top AGAIN is making me frustrated. Now if only I was working on a cute kimono top pattern…oh wait, I was!

Day 26 and 27:

Wearing: I NMMM-ed it over the weekend. Love means never having to say sorry right? So MMM, I love you but I will not apologise for wearing two lovely summer dresses that I didn’t make. If it helps, I was thinking of you the whole time. And it meant nothing to me. And you’re well fitter.

Day 28:

Wearing: Blooming kimono top; navy print midi skirt.

Back in good graces with a new make, yay!

Day 29:

Wearing: Finally! The only actual summer dress in my MMM portfolio, the easy kimono dress.

I finally sewing the sleeve facings down with teeny tiny stitches so they didn’t flip out all the time. Having sewn this up in a knit, I now think a drapier fabric, or no interfaced facings would work better, especially given the narrow skirt. Also not good for aggressive escalator walking. Plus side: it’s very orange.

Day 30:

Wearing: Polka dot Tova; brown drindl H&M skirt; a big ol’ necklace, quality belt and badass cut out shoes (not their official names).


Question; should I wear all my MMM items simultaneously?

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