MMM ’12 day 22 and 23 – Return of the ghost flesh

Wow, we’ve skipped Spring and gone straight to Summer. And a tabloid-style SCORCHER! at that. Hence the return of the ghost flesh (my legs) which spends the majority of the year in cloistered confinement (my tights).

Most of the UK is a mini-heatwave at the moment, which puts entirely different demands on the MMM wardrobe. So far we’ve spanned almost 20 degrees of daytime temperatures in one month.

Day 22:

Wearing: Pop ya collar top; navy Topshop print midi skirt. The skirt pockets have an interesting gaping style, presumably to convey a relaxed air and/or hold kittens.

Day 23:

Wearing: hot pink Sorbetto; vintage navy pinstripe skirt. This looks quite frumpy in pics but feels more sophisticated when wearing. As sophisticated as you can when the sole of your shoe falls off as you walk down the street and you have to scuttle back to collect it, which sadly happened this afternoon, with still half a city to navigate.

I styled it out though. I hobble good.

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One Response to MMM ’12 day 22 and 23 – Return of the ghost flesh

  1. __cui says:

    You can put hot wings in those pockets…

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