MMM ’12 day – where did week 3 go?

I fell off the regular blogging wagon with some aplomb. But rest assured, I’ve still been MMM-ing. Let’s start with something underwhelming:

Day 15:

Wearing: my new striped Renfrew top; wide-legged trousers. But damned if I could take a photo. Take it on trust yeah? I’ll return to this Renfrew at some point because it’s yay and nay. Onto Day 16…

Wearing: Houndstooth Renfrew; green tiered skirt.

Day 17:

This is the outfit I wore on Day 5 and didn’t take a picture of. Saved it up for you! This top doesn’t photograph well but it is officially amazing.

Wearing: Flocked wallpaper skirt; Urban outfitters ikat blouse.

Day 18 and 19:

Normally I wouldn’t wear the same outfit two days in a row but this is where I hit the MMM wall. I liked Friday’s outfit, and I didn’t have a better idea so I wore it again on Saturday.

Such as my shame I didn’t take a picture but you can look at Day 12 and imagine it worn with even more elan but less freshness.

Wearing: Polka dot Tova; New Look skinny green jeans.

Day 20:

The weather got warm enough for me finally to snap and wear a skirt with bare legs! I just couldn’t take another day of tights ANYmore. I’ve been wearing them for eight months. Not the same pair. I have, like, two pairs.

But my excitement over busting out the summer skirt didn’t extend to ironing it beforehand. Please.

Wearing: Pop ya collar top, Whistles knit midi-length knit skirt (which I wore to death last summer, it is perfection).

Day 21:

Wearing: Striped jersey top, wide legged Topshop trousers.

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