MMM ’12 day 8

Hot pink and raspberry? BRING IT.

Wearing: hot pink Sorbetto, vintage raspberry wool jersey skirt, black skinny belt and turquoise pendant.

Ah, the Sorbetto.

Of course I had one hiding in my wardrobe! It’s written in the sewing blog contract (possibly).

Like a lot of people, the pattern had to be tweaked a little. The bust darts were too high and a little too narrow. Once I increased the size of the darts of course the front bodice piece ended up shorter than the back.

And if I ever get round to sewing another version then I’ll also have to add another 2 inches to the length. There’s enough fabric to tuck into skirts though.

If you haven’t already checked out the pattern, I do urge you to, if only for the cool bias binding method, which gives you a nice finish on the outside. This top uses self-fabric binding but a nice bit of contrast tape a la Karen’s adorable sailboat version

…And that’s how this pattern has circled the blogosphere like a case of pink eye in a kindergarten, people keep on sewing up excellent new versions!

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