MMM ’12 day 3

Today I’ve been exercising my right to vote in the local elections. Voting still gives me a big kick! I even like the stubby pencil you get in the secret booth. In fact, I even liked it when last general election I had to queue up.

But if it’s cool to queue up overnight for a Harry Potter book launch or the latest blockbuster, then I’m not going to apologise. YEAH!

I would have *loved* to have me doing a MMM pose IN the booth itself, or even posting my vote in the metal box of enfranchisementness. But I feel like that might be illegal under electoral law/mortifying under human law.

So here I am, not voting, wearing the first knit item I ever sewed, a black and white striped knit wrap dress. Very Easy Vogue V8379. It has some flaws but it’s a good solid pattern and the effect of the angled stripes is pretty cool. One total annoyance, the front facings. They flip out ALL the time. If i was to do this again, I’d just flip over the edge on the front bodice pieces and stitch it down.

‘Julia,’ (you might be thinking, if I’d mentioned that was my name more) ‘why on earth did you sew up a whole dress for your first attempt?’ Hah, I’m fearless!

Plus I took a class at Oh Sew Brixton.

Check out the bad boy chevrons on the side. Exit polls say: hell yes.

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2 Responses to MMM ’12 day 3

  1. Maddie says:

    This is very very cute. I definitely like the stripe direction of the dress. It’s is very flattering!

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