MMM ’12 day 1

I woke up feeling really excited about taking part in MMM ’12 this morning! My enthusiasm even endured while I wrestled with my tripod (ummm I’m not typing that again) trying to get a good photo in the flat of gloom.

My inaugral MMM outfit then?

The Pop Ya Collar top from a vintage Vogue 9771 blogged here. Plus my stalwart black cardigan, orange Reiss skirt, and some navy patent flats. And black tights naturally, see previous position on exposing ghost-flesh. In fact just assume I’m wearing tights for every picture unless there’s a dramatic turn-around in the currently miserable weather.

The top and skirt haven’t been teamed up before and I credit MMM for stretching me to think of new options. [Thanks Zoe!] Preppy and swirly? It’s a win in my book.

On the sewsewsewbeforeIrunoutofoutfitttttts front, my polka dot Tova top is shaping up nicely. This is one sweet pattern.

More soon!

Or tomorrow. Damn is this thing running every DAY?

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2 Responses to MMM ’12 day 1

  1. __cui says:

    looking good! I’ve not seen that skirt in ages…nice to see it again.

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