There’s lace…and then there’s lace

This is some cute lace I bought on the weekend:

And this is some insane lace I bought on the weekend:

Lace has been doing the rounds in fashion for a few seasons now but while I’ve wavered over a few nice examples in fabric shops, I’ve never crumbled. Until I saw these two ladies in my favourite stop, Simply Fabrics in Brixton.

Lace number one is a jade cotton/polyester mix which I’ll team with a pale nude underlining so I stay on the right side of public decency laws. This is pencilled in for a no-pleat Sorbetto with non-lined sleeves, potentially something sweet and simple to ease me into lace sewing. [Probably end up being used in 2014 when everyone’s moved on to wearing puce airtex.]

But if the jade is a nice warm bath, purchase two, the stretch neon lace, is one of those post-sauna artic water dips.

Though it’s not something you see a lot of, it has registered on the fashion radar recently. Christopher Kane’s Spring 2011 collection used neon lace, although the image below actually shows perforated leather coated in vinyl according to’s report.

So, confirmation it’s totally badass. But what to do with it? I have two metres and a navy jersey to act as a lining. But is it waiting to be a skirt? A top? A dress? Some harem pants?

Separates would be good because then the neon-ness could be balanced with plainer items. Also gathering the fabric might make it look cheaper. So where does that leave us?

All wanting a pair of neon pink stretch lace harem pants I think.

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6 Responses to There’s lace…and then there’s lace

  1. Jane's sew & tell says:

    There is a nice lace skirt in the latest edition of Burda. The styling on the photo is a bit odd but if you look at the technical drawings you can see it’s got potential

  2. __cui says:

    oooooooo..flouro lace….I think a nice bodycon dress.

  3. elaineoc says:

    I LOVE the jade one especially. That Christopher Kane collection was fantastic.

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