Turning a beady eye on the me-made wardobe

Let’s get down to brass tacks. If I’m going to last a month wearing at least one me-made or refashioned item every day, what resources am I drawing on?

Join me in my wardrobe…

3 Dresses: Tiger came to tea, Pattern Runway Easy Kimono, striped jersey wrap dress

And…1 Bottom: Flocked Wallpaper skirt

[I’m ruling out my Galaxies dress because I can’t see myself wearing it as an everyday item given the spandex factor. If an occasion arises when I am feeling both svelte and slightly cheap, I’ll be busting it out.]

In addition 5 Tops: French Mustard, Houndstooth Renfrew, Sew U striped jersey, Pop Ya Collar, hot pink Sorbetto

One thing is immediately obvious, these nine items will have to be in fairly heavy circulation over the 31 days for me to meet my goal, and that’s presuming weather allows all of them to be worn.

How much you can wear them is also tied to how you can wear them.

From lurking on previous outings, I’ve noticed that me-made-months shine a light on how integrated your sewn wardrobe is to your non-sewn wardrobe, and how relevant your sewing is to your lifestyle demands. Sewaholic’s Tasia wrote an interesting post on this recently in which she describes her existing sewn wardrobe as being too much frosting and not enough cake. How much this chimes with your own position all depends on your outlook though: why are you sewing? What do you want to get from your self-made clothes?

For me, I want to be able to wear them frequently and by that measure these items have been largely successful. I haven’t strayed into sewing things that are totally incompatible with my lifestyle, and the separates can be teamed with at least one existing item in my wardrobe. The overall winner though is my flocked wallpaper skirt. It gets the most wear and/because I love it bad. I think it needs a sibling to take some of the pressure off.

Now I need to get my sew on.

So what about you? Are you taking part in MMM ’12? Do you sew strategically or just go with your brain-flow?

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4 Responses to Turning a beady eye on the me-made wardobe

  1. Chris says:

    I’m not taking part in the MMM – not enough MM clothes, yet. One thing I realized – I need to start paying attention to my color palette, so more things go well with each other.

    Have fun with MMM!

  2. Leah says:

    I really wish I could take part in MMM but I just don’t have enough yet! I am trying to sew more strategically but mostly just get grabbed by pretty prints or colours that don’t go with anything. I definately have a case of Tasia’s too much frosting, not enough cake!
    Look forward to seeing your MMM outfits.

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