In progress: French mustard top

The problem with a secret life of seams is you can’t tell everyone to go away and let you work up a sweat-soaked sewing machine frenzy. People insist on you turning up to work and sometimes talking to them because you have a ‘relationship’. Ugh.

So sadly my poor FBA top, the Palmer/Pletsch creation, is still not finished!

But I can show you what I’ve been doing to it. Behold, the inside of the French Mustard top, so called because it’s kind of mustard and it’s full of french seams:

Before I started, I knew I needed some secure finishing because this light synthetic fabric frays. I’d tackled french side seams on my hot pink Sorbetto last year so knew this was straight-forward and decided if I put the sleeves in flat, there was no reason frenching the armholes wouldn’t be doable as well.

And it was. I now have seams that withstand all my vigorous arm movements like whacking people with my sewing ruler.

What? Oh like you don’t do that.

Turns out there was something in the blog ether because Grainline Studio did a tutorial on this very subject a few days after I finished the seams. She has a great walk-through so do check it out if you’re interested in this approach.

Unfortunately the gathering of the sleeve into the cuffs is horribly uneven:


I was experimenting with three lines of basting to improve my gathering, since the sleeve gathering sucked. For the first cuff on the right, my lines of basting were all above the seam line. For the second cuff on the left, one line of basting was below the seam line. This created a much smaller set of gathers.

I think the trick to this experimenting with better techniques thing is to do it consistently, not on a sleeve-by-sleeve basis.

Experiments still to come: an invisible zipper and drafting my own contrast peter pan collar.

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2 Responses to In progress: French mustard top

  1. Andrea says:

    Ha.. Laughed out loud at your first paragraph. Good to know I’m not the only one who is often annoyed that I must live a life outside my sewing room. I like your fabric – it reminds me of dominoes (a good thing)!

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