Home sewing and high fashion

Fashion Week breezed through my home town of London last week* and I followed the coverage pretty closely.

Looking at the images of the runway shows it all feels like a far-off fantasy world, sometimes beautiful but always unreachable. Whether it’s the luxurious fabrics, the celebrity admirers, or the five-times-my-rent pricetag, it seems totally divorced from everything that I’m doing when I’m hunched over my own clunking sewing machine.

But then I saw something interesting in the video of the Burberry Prosum Autumn/Winter 2012 show. Even if you have no love for the clothes, I think it’s worth watching for the section at 18:12:

After the catwalking has concluded in some style, there follows snippets of the design and construction process, including zippers being installed and what might be horsehair braid. After watching almost 20 minutes of video that seemed like some distant but lovely universe, this brief look behind the scenes brought it home that in essence, the same tools are being used that the home sewing community use.

The end product might be alien but home sewing and high fashion aren’t light-years apart.

Though it raises interesting questions about how ‘hand-made’ can confer such different values depending on the context, it also inspired me: you can dream pretty big with the tools you have sitting in your front room.

*[Obviously I’d be there but Stella knows I’m busy with that FBA business, so, you know, she avoiding the awkwardness by not asking me along.]

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One Response to Home sewing and high fashion

  1. quinn says:

    Thank you for showing this video i loved it.

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