FBAs and how good is your good enough?

Ladies, and even gents, let’s talk boob denial. Yes, denying the boob. I’ve been wrestling with it since I started sewing and we’ve probably all suffered from it or its kin. It’s the gap between perception and reality.

You want to believe that you have some straight out of the pattern envelope set of stats and that the tape measure is all out of whack but the truth is you need to alter. You can’t put the boob back in the bottle (getting weird now), puberty HAPPENED, okay? Remember the ‘you might start noticing some changes in your body’ memo?

Came in over a decade ago. Accept.

So it’s time to start to get a handle on FBAs. Thankfully wiser heads have got this all down by now and there are lots of excellent resources on and offline. Gertie’s round-up of tutorials is great, as is the Pattern Review troubleshooting thread.

But I wanted a lot of hand holding so I’ve turned to McCall’s M5661, which is a ‘Classic Fit’ button-back top with fitting instructions from Palmer/Pletsch, the fit gods.

The pattern pieces themselves feature lines for adjustments for a full bust, a high round back and full arms as you can see in the pic above.

The pattern instructions also talk you through how to adjust for full hips, full bust, high round back, forward shoulder and, why not, a sleeve adjustment. So far it’s going well but then I haven’t started the pinning yet. Basically I’ve managed to open the instructions without crying.

All that aside, I think it’s interesting that a quest for improving fit, while it holds out the promise of greater satisfaction in your clothes, also makes you feel dis-satisfied with what you’ve got.

On Monday, as I checked the office bathroom mirror to see if I had my skirt stuck in my undies, I realised my one white shirt which I thought fit okay actually fit pretty badly. Suddenly I could see odd pulling marks around the armholes and weird folds around my lower back.

How much of the wardrobe I thought was a good fit is actually not good enough?

And how good is my new good enough?

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3 Responses to FBAs and how good is your good enough?

  1. __cui says:

    when your boobs are small, there’s Boob Delusion: walking around with hollow caves underneath your top……

  2. yesilikethat says:

    I’ve noticed that ALL my RTW trousers have bizarre wrinkles radiating from the, um, crotch area. However I’ve tried making my own trousers twice and each time was a massive failure. Maybe third time would be the charm!

    I also notice bad fit on other people now but (generally) refrain from pointing it out.

    • Ever since lots of Colette Clover posts started popping up I’ve seen crotch ‘frowning’ everywhere. But fitting your own trousers seems like one of the biggest dressmaking challenges! Does anyone find sewing them up easy?!
      I’m always checking out other people’s clothes, especially on public transport. Essential to avoid being too Eye of Sauron though.

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