A gaggle of bloggers – the Brighton de-stash meet-up

BurdaStyle October 2011, a Simplicity 8523 woven top pattern, a Style 1820 wardrobe pattern, adorable vintage star buttons, a Simplicity 2406/Cynthia Rowley dress pattern, and two cool former curtains.

Phew! Saturday was intense. Lots of new people, some bloggers, some not. Lots of fabric and patterns. Lots of booty. And a smidgeon of snow.

I didn’t take any cool pictures of everyone but Claire has a great photo of everyone who made the day so fun. [Clutched in my hand is one of the tasty cupcakes Claire made for us all! It barely survived the photo-taking session.]

After we met up at Brighton station we made our way for All Bar One for lunch and swapping. And check out the excellent things I received in the swap! The cute little bag on the left of the picture was a gift (another one) from Zoe and Claire who sewed up a different bag for everyone with cute trims and notions inside.

After all that (some free wine featured in there too), we strolled off to Ditto Fabrics. I’d browsed through their online shop frequently and seen lots of tempting fabrics. Turns out that the online store and physical store don’t really overlap in terms of stock so I wasn’t loving it as much. This is partly down to the excellent swapping but I think I’ve also been a bit spoilt by those Brixton remnant bins.

Having said all that, I still scored some navy ponte di roma that was on sale, and a black and white knit. What’s that? Do I have a knit problem?


Other cool things include:

  • Kathryn‘s stylish kimono-style black and white striped top, with cute pocket and neck trim.
  • Meeting the famous Pat of So Zo… fame briefly. There was yoke chat.
  • When I got home I realised most people there had been wearing something they’d made themselves. And you couldn’t have picked out what was bought and what was handmade.

Many thanks to Zoe of So Zo… and Claire of Sew, Incidentally.

Zoe was even cooler in real life and Claire is the person I want to stand next to in an emergency. This lady has a handy tool for every crisis. They were both very generous with their time and trims, so thank you ladies!

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4 Responses to A gaggle of bloggers – the Brighton de-stash meet-up

  1. Rehanon says:

    Hey darling lovely to meet you. I didn’t get a chance to say but I blinking loved your dress it was gorgeous!

    Looking forward to future meets.

    Re xxx

    • Hi Rehanon,
      thanks for popping by my blog and saying hello. It was cool to meet you too. I was going to ask you what pattern you used for the green plaid dress you were wearing, the neckline was great, and obviously the fabric was great with your hair!
      (I tried posting this on your blog but it wouldn’t work…or I’ve posted it five times.)

  2. Zoe says:

    I really enjoyed hanging out with you on Saturday, lady!!! Hope to see you at the next one Claire is already concocting! xxx

  3. Rehanon says:

    ah dag nabbit honey blogger seems to eat the comments of wordpress sometimes who know knows :s The pattern is Vogue 8413 and it’s a winner 🙂 Looking forward to your version my dear.


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