Sewaholic’s Renfrew pattern

This tantalising envelope was waiting for me when I got home last night.

Is there any sight sweeter to a sewer than an exciting new pattern on the doormat? I started opening my Renfrew before I even got my coat off!

It’s my first Sewaholic design and I was convinced to snap the tee up in the pre-sale because a) uh, I’m in a knit frenzy and b) it finishes the sleeves and waist with a band design, which I haven’t come across before.

You may very well have seen Tasia’s testers put together some great versions, including: a gorgeous teal top from Handmade Jane; two from Very Purple Person (who manages to look amazing in crushed velvet leggings!); and Karen from Did You Make That in a cool leopard print.

I’m ruining my knees this evening tracing it out on the floor but reading new sewing instructions will soothe my joints.

Rock on.

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