Colette Truffles and kind-of-Truffles

I’ve been perusing The Colette Sewing Handbook since it arrived in my hot little hands and am rather taken with the Truffle:

Did you ever get confused about pigs-find-them truffles and chocolate truffles? No? Anyone else think they were the same thing? Because this is what I did when I stumbled into the Oasis store sale the other day and happened upon this little beauty:

A kind-of Colette Truffle

I tried it on in the changing room and got super-excited. I was concerned the ruffle might look a little too frilly but this dress looked excellent on, and only the fact it didn’t fit in the back prevented me from buying it.

But I was all: hah! High Street, I can make my own version with the Truffle pattern and somehow making up my own sleeves! And changing the neckline. But, hah!

As you can see though, the fabric is gathered at the waistband rather than wrapping around. I have a feeling it won’t be as easy as just ‘tucking it in’ since the draped section probably doesn’t have the same crescent shape as the Truffle ruffle.

Any suggestions?

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