Santa Claus and the Sewing Handbook

Because this year I was a very good girl (apart from staging my own death for the insurance pay-out – why do you think I won’t show you my face?), Santa saw fit to bring me ‘The Colette Sewing Handbook’!

Now he’s clearly a man with his ear to the ground/eye on the sewing blogs because this is the book everyone’s been frothing at the mouth about. I’m yet to finish my first read-through but already I can attest to the gorgeous layout and practical advice Sarai doles out.

There are a lot of excellent, even canonical, sewing references that beginners are recommended to pick up but I think this would be a perfect introduction to a new sewer. It doesn’t feel intimidating and the patterns are very cute. Deliberations have commenced over which to make up first.

Speaking of new sewers, when I was in John Lewis just before Christmas, I saw two young girls with their mums picking out new sewing machines and attendant accessories to put under the tree. I never knew any people of my own age who sewed when I was a kid, so this warmed my heart. It was almost as moving as when I spied an excellent chalk liner a few moments later. My eyes were glistening with festive feeling people.

Is it just hype, or do you think there’s really a resurgence in home sewing?

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2 Responses to Santa Claus and the Sewing Handbook

  1. __cui says:

    nah – S’s mum got her a really nice sewing machine for her 9th birthday and I think it was used once. unless mums are taking hours out to show their kids how to home sew, kids see it as a novelty – like an iPhone. On the other hand, I do think the craftsman(lady) is definitely back! could be due to the rise of online selling / shopping or the hunger for unique one-offs pieces to stand out from the high street offerings? x p.s. I love your spidey mask!

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